General Information

Vysoká škola múzických umení v Bratislave (VŠMU)
Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava:

• established in 1949
• public university-type of school and the highest accredited educational, artistic and research institution in the field of theatre, film, music and dance arts in Slovakia.

VŠMU provides higher education with BA, MA, PhD and ArtD degree courses in full-time programmes.

In 2002, the credit system of study has been established that is compatible with the requirements of the European Union (ECTS) and it offers students the opportunity to study at partner foreign universities during one or two semesters.

VŠMU consists of three faculties:

Music and Dance Faculty provides selected MA and doctoral programmes in English and German as well.

The Theatre Faculty offers to foreign students supplementary semester courses in English.

The Film and Television Faculty provides several semester courses in English, especially for foreign students coming to VŠMU within the framework of LLP/Erasmus programme or through the bilateral governmental agreements.

SAIA, n. o. (Slovak Academic Information Agency)

SAIA is a non-governmental non-profit organisation that, since its establishment in 1990, has been implementing programmes and providing services aimed at enhancement of civil society, and assisting in internationalisation of education and research in Slovakia.

SAIA administers following programmes:
Webpages provide detailed information regarding SAIA programmes and services offered to Slovak as well foreign nationals. In case of scholarship programmes the selection of scholarship recipients and projects is done by independent gremia and committees, made up of representatives of Slovak universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and other organisations from Slovakia and from abroad (e.g., foreign organisations providing scholarships, embassies of other countries to Slovakia).
SAIA also maintains pages on the social network Facebook -,

There are currently 6 SAIA offices in Slovakia (the headquarters in Bratislava and regional offices in Banská Bystrica, Košice, Nitra, Prešov and Žilina).


The incoming students are welcome to follow a course of Slovak lanaguage (2 hours per week).

This course provides students with a grounding in the basic structures of Slovak in order to communicate at a basic level in essential social and survival situations in our country.

If you are interested in following the course, please, contact the Institutional coordinator for further information (e-mail:

The information about Erasmus Intesive Language Courses is published and regulary updated on .